Note on resuming Larry's Letters

Navigating the technology market in 2019 is going to be fun, but only if one finds fun at the intersection of challenges and opportunities. As I do.

My three-year task of taking on leadership of a 25-year-old company in networking was certainly consuming, and my ‘analytic energy’ went in aid of that task. But now WildPackets/Savvius has been acquired by LiveAction and I’m free to express myself.

I will post some letters on subjects I’ve been thinking about. In the meantime, a few articles I wrote on network management:

An article in on network visibility:

 Four articles in Network World:

I’ll close with a few observations on what I wrote years ago. Some were pretty reasonable. I still think the only path forward for Blackberry was to do what I suggested. My advice to Krzanich looks pretty good in hindsight. My second letter to Michael Dell presaged some of the hybrid cloud thinking. Some of the others, not so much. The world changes, and for that, I’m happy!