About Larry's Letters

When what is obvious is too radical to contemplate, those who do it anyway tend to change the world. I’ve watched companies do a great many hard things yet still avoid the obvious.

Larry's Letters allows me to say what I see. The open letter format I owe to Stew Alsop, who wrote great ones for PC Letter, long ago.

What I care about is the solution; everything else is context.

I’m starting with tech, and certainly that will be the direction of most of my letters, but I may branch out into automobiles, our built environment, or anything else that I care about.

Although I've disabled comments, anyone named in a letter is welcome to respond and I will publish their response in its entirety. I may respond in turn; if so, the invitation to respond is renewed.

You are welcome to send me emails: lazulch@gmail.com.

About Larry Zulch

Larry Zulch started in personal computers in the early 1980s and has been involved in computing technology since, with a foray into energy-based medical devices. He has long been interested in change, particularly when it requires both passion and clear thinking.